ELR Central is an informational resource, hosted by Applied Ballistics.

Mission statement:

“Our mission is to advance the state of the art in Extreme Long Range rifle shooting by: sharing knowledge, promoting awareness, and encouraging best practices within the ELR community.”

The following is a list of activities and resources which are provided by ELR Central to help achieve our mission:

  1. This website.  The ELR Central website contains current information on all the ELR events going on including matches and record setting events.  We maintain an updated map of all known ELR shooting facilities.  Articles written by established ELR shooters can be found which share a great deal of the information that’s known about deliberately and successfully shooting targets beyond 1500 yards.
  2. The ELR Central Facebook page.  Social media is a pervasive part of our modern culture.  Since ELR Central’s primary mission revolves around sharing information and mainstreaming the discipline of ELR shooting, we’re offering this resource for the community to use as a learning tool.
  3. Discussion forum.  The ELR Forum on LongRangeOnly.com will be frequented by ELR Central staff as an additional avenue for communications.
  4. Certified Targets.  In an effort to bring some standardization to matches and record setting events, ELR Central will be providing steel targets of certified dimensions.  These targets will be provided to event organizers free of charge, compliments of ELRC and Applied Ballistics as a contribution to the sport.

Thru these efforts we hope to contribute to the advancement in the state of the art in ELR shooting.