ELR Match Criteria

Author: Bryan Litz, Applied Ballistics

Description: Long Range rifle matches held at distances within 1000 yards have very well established rules and courses of fire. However there are increasingly more matches being held at Extreme Long Range (ELR) which haven’t been as formally defined. Individuals and organizations have been putting on ELR matches without any standardization or definition of best practices. Although it’s not necessary to nail down a single course of fire or highly restrictive rules, the community may benefit from a common list of best practices; elements of ELR Matches which are generally agreed upon as what makes ELR matches enjoyable for shooters and tractable for match directors.
The following criteria describes a set of ELR Match guidelines and ‘best practices’ . This information comes from polling a focus group of ELR shooters, competitors and match directors. No-one is obligated to observe these guidelines, this is just the criteria for deciding which events are promoted by ELR Central, and can be useful for anyone considering hosting and ELR match. This is what is commonly considered to be the elements of modern ELR Matches.

Download (PDF, 564KB)