ELR Event Results Submission

To submit your event results for publishing on ELR Central or to be reviewed as a new World Record please use the form below. For World Record submissions please make sure you have reviewed the guidelines before submissions. You can read those here: ELR World Record Criteria

ELR Event Results

This form is to submit ELR Event Results for publishing.
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  • *Video evidence is not required, but is suggested.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, csv, xlsx, png, jpg.
    Upload match/record attempt scores in pdf. It is recommended that scores be kept in a format that displays shot by shot hits and misses.
    To qualify for an ELR World Record Event, the event must be open to the public. By checking this box, you acknowledge you have reviewed the World Record Criteria if this is a World Record Submission. Submission does not guarantee acceptance.