ELR Match Submission Form

Please fill out the form below to submit your match information for review to be placed on our website and Facebook page. Aside from the match information, you will also need to submit the reference documentation for your event.

To qualify for an ELR World Record Event, the event must be open to the public. You must have unedited continuous recordings of the firing line and the target. You must also have two separate unbiased scoring entities (no one keeping record may be a part of the World Record Attempt). The range must be cold 24 hours prior to the event. No one may have practiced on the World Record targets prior to their attempt. Shooters and Spotters may not switch positions for record attempts back to back (Minimum 1 hour between attempts of a shooter/spotter team). Rifles may not be shared between two different shooters. No sighters are permitted. Shooters are only allowed 2 attempts per 24 hour period, and must wait a minimum 4 hours between attempts. Coach’s may only work with 1 team per day, and must stay as a team. Each shooter is only allowed 1 Coach. No one outside the shooters coach may communicate with the shooter once they begin shooting. Shooters have 3 minutes to go 3 for 3. Official target size for a World Record is 36″ x 36″ and no bigger. To qualify as an ELR Event (High Power) 50% of the targets must be beyond 1500 yards.

ELR Match Registration

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