ELR Matches

Dedicated ELR shooting matches are becoming more popular.  With the recent success of events like the King Of 2 Mile’s which is put on by the Fifty-Caliber Shooters Association (FCSA), other match directors and organizers are working to bring more ELR matches online.  ELR is defined as 1500+ yards, but all targets don’t need to be at that distance to qualify as an ELR match.  As long as more than 1/2 of the targets are located beyond 1500 yards, the match is considered to be an ‘ELR’ Match.  Other guidelines and best practices are described in this document, but for the most part, match directors have a great deal of freedom in their Course Of Fire (COF).

Many PRS and similar style matches have some targets past 1500 yards, but focus more on close ranges.  These matches are considered and listed below as matches with ELR components.  It’s fun to ponder the equipment trade-offs when dealing with targets from 300 to 1500+ yards and these events require a great deal of diversity in skill set and equipment to succeed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to get your information on this page, or have your information updated you need to send us an email. You may use this contact form Event Submission Form and choose the option “ELR Match”. You will need to submit the match name, date, location, point of contact, rules (in PDF form), Call Of Fire (in PDF form), Details, and a unique image. It is up to the individual match directors to ensure they submit updated information, and keep us informed of any changes so we can pass that information along.

ELR Matches

The Mile Shot Challange

Date: March 23rd
Location: Cresson, TX
Contact: Mill Creek

Speerpoint ELR Match

Date: March 23rd
Location: Lincoln, KS
Contact: Speerpoint

2019 Worlds Longest Shot Challenge

Date: Apr 5th – 7th
Location: Valdina Ranch, Texas
Contact: WLSC

2019 URSA 3000 Yard Challenge

Date: Apr 28th
Location: Barstow, CA
Contact: Event Information

Hawks Double Mountain Shoot Out

Date: May 10th
Location: Raton, TX
Contact: Email
Event Registration: Register Now

Raton Thunder FCSA 1.5 Mile

Date: May 22nd
Location: Raton, NM
Contact: FCSA

Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge

Date: June 14th – June 16th
Location: Q Creek Ranch
Contact: Event Page

King of 2 Miles

Date: June 29th – July 1st
Location: Raton, NM
Contact: FCSA

Mimbres River Mile Shootout

Date: July 13th – 14th
Location: Faywood, NM
Contact: Email
Registration: .338 & Smaller
Registration: Above .338

Prince of 1 Mile

Date: July 6th & 7th
Location: Caylus, France
Contact: princeof1milecaylus@gmail.com
Match Program

CTRV 2km Challenge
presented by Cadex Defence

Date: August 10th
Location: Valcartier, Québec
Registration: Click Here
Contact: Email
Match Program

Raton Thunder FCSA 1.5 Mile

Date: September 25th
Location: Raton, NM
Contact: FCSA

Matches with ELR components

Spearpoint Ranch Monthly

Sept 8th

Location: Barnard, Kansas

POC: Steve Wirth (785)524-5330

Match Program: PDF Download