ELR Matches

Dedicated ELR shooting matches are becoming more popular.  With the recent success of events like the King Of 2 Mile’s which is put on by the Fifty-Caliber Shooters Association (FCSA), other match directors and organizers are working to bring more ELR matches online.  ELR is defined as 1500+ yards, but all targets don’t need to be at that distance to qualify as an ELR match.  As long as more than 1/2 of the targets are located beyond 1500 yards, the match is considered to be an ‘ELR’ Match.  Other guidelines and best practices are described in this document, but for the most part, match directors have a great deal of freedom in their Course Of Fire (COF).

Many PRS and similar style matches have some targets past 1500 yards, but focus more on close ranges.  These matches are considered and listed below as matches with ELR components.  It’s fun to ponder the equipment trade-offs when dealing with targets from 300 to 1500+ yards and these events require a great deal of diversity in skill set and equipment to succeed.

ELR Matches

ELR Central World Record Event

Date: January 21st 2018

Location: Front Sight Range, Pahrump, NV

POC: Kathy Barnhart


Event Rules

Comments:  The ELR Central World Record Event is a highly inclusive event, open to the public and designed to expose the fun and exciting world of ELR to novice and even non-shooters. This event will include a match, and a record setting event. Contact Kathy Barnhart at Kathy.Barnhart@appliedballisticsllc.com for more information or registration.

2017 King of 2 Miles

Date: July 2nd – Wed July 4th 2018

Location: Raton, NM


Email: TBD

Match Program: TBD

Event Webpage: TBD

Comments: The King Of 2 Miles match is possibly the most well established and publicized ELR Match.  2017 will be the 3rd year for this event, and it’s grown in attendance and popularity each year.  Held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM prior to the Fifty-Caliber Shooters Association World Championships, this match draws a diverse array of competitors and equipment.

Matches with ELR components