ELR Rimfire Matches

Dedicated ELR Rimfire shooting matches have recently started to popup around the country. ELR Rimfire is defined as 300+ yards, but all targets don’t need to be at that distance to qualify as an ELR match. As long as more than 1/2 of the targets are located beyond 300 yards, the match is considered to be an ‘ELR’ Rimfire Match.

These matches are considered and listed below as matches with ELR Rimfire components. It’s fun to ponder the equipment trade-offs when dealing with targets beyond 300 yards in the rimfire world and these events require a great deal of diversity in skill set and equipment to succeed.

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ELR Rimfire Matches

Ringneck Ranch ELR Rimfire Challenge

Date: March 16th, 2019

Registration Link

Location: Ringneck Ranch

POC: Tyson Seirer

Match Program: Click Here